How To Maximize The Sale Of Your Home In Portland Oregon

Every buyer has an idea of what they are looking for in a new home. Outside of what they see on paper, they envision finding a home that meets the ideal of what they hope to live in so it’s important that aspects of a home meet their criteria. Though this can be different from one buyer to the next, there are areas of a home that sellers need to pay attention to when updating or renovating their home as these areas will maximize the sale of their home in Portland Oregon. 

Curb Appeal Is Essential

The first thing a person sees is the front exterior of a home. This means that the front landscape, entry door, windows and siding will all be a seller’s first impression making curb appeal essential. If a home’s siding looks worn down and aged it will be worth replacing or refreshing to increase a buyer’s interest as well as the value of the home. Siding that is in good condition can increase a homes value up to 10% as well as sending a message to potential buyers that the owners take good care in the maintenance of their property. A new door also has a good return on investment as it will catch the viewer’s eye. Adding neat and colorful landscaping is another easy way to draw a buyer’s attention. 

The Kitchen Is The Heart Of A Home

The kitchen still holds the greatest value in a home compared to any other room and we know why! When family and friends come to visit all the activity flows from the kitchen. Cooking meals, having drinks, and sitting at the dining table to eat meals together all happens in this space making it the heart of a home. An updated kitchen enhances the living area and is often the first presentable space new buyers notice. Upgrading cabinets, counter tops and major appliances will be well worth the investment when looking to make upgrades. Windows are also an important addition to the kitchen space since buyers are always looking for open, bright spaces and what better way to do this then making sure you have all the windows possible to create this effect. 

Hard Wood Flooring Is Expected

One of the top requests of buyers looking for a new home is hardwood flooring. Living in Portland Oregon, households endure a lot of rain throughout the year making it very wet. Since carpeting holds a lot of moisture it doesn’t make for ideal flooring in the Portland area, especially within the main areas of a home where people are most active. When members of the household walk inside they easily track in dirt and water that is tough on carpet fibers and harder to clean. Not only is hardwood flooring easier to clean, it creates a visual in the home that makes it feel more open, roomy and inviting. 

Making Sure The Roof Is In Good Shape

If there’s one item on the list that can deter a buyer from purchasing a home it’s the roofing. A roof that is in need of major repair work or a complete Uhaul will have a buyer questioning if there are other major problems with the home. Let’s not forget that buyers are aware that roofing is a large expense so if they haven’t already been deterred, they are likely to ask for a price drop to make up for the difference they’ll need to pay to get the roofing fixed. Making sure that your roof is already in good shape will prevent this from occurring and keep buyers interested in your home. As a seller who is familiar with the Portland Oregon climate you can understand how imperative it is to make sure the roof is in good shape

When you’re looking to maximize the sale of your home in Portland Oregon there are a lot of things to think about but luckily there are people to help you with the work. Call Assured Exteriors for any home projects that you need or thinking about getting done to get information on how they can best serve you. 


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