Minor Roof Repairs and Additions in Brush Prairie, WA


John C. was selling his home but the inspector found several minor things that needed work on his roof and in his attic. He needed proper ventilation in the attic and proper drainage of the roof. He needed new attic insulation and mold/mildew removal. He also needed some minor roof repairs to ensure the integrity of the roof system.


Mr. C. heard about Assurant (Assured) Exteriors from a friend and reached out to see what they could do. Assurant (Assured) was willing to complete the work for Mr. C. quickly at an affordable price, which he was thrilled about. The crew went about the work in an efficient manner, completing all of the repairs and additions in record time. Because of Assurant (Assured), Mr. C. was successfully able to pass inspection and sell his home.

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