Roof & Gutter Replacement in Beaverton, OR


Chris T. and Jonathan K. are partners in Beaverton, OR who needed a new roof system and a new perimeter of gutters on their home. Their current roof system and gutters were old and worn out, threatening to fail by the next rainy season. They reached out to Assurant (Assured) Exteriors hoping for an affordable solution, and they were not disappointed. After seeing the estimate the team offered them, Mr. T. and Mr. K. both decided Assurant (Assured) was the contractor for them.


The crew from Assurant (Assured) Exteriors showed up on the job site promptly and completely removed the old roof system and gutters. They then installed a 2,600 square foot CertainTeed roofing system in its place and all new 5K gutters. Mr. T. and Mr. K.’s roof system and drainage systems are as good as new and they can rest assured that both will last them years to come.

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