Are Patio Covers A Good Investment

One of the things that people who live in the Portland and Vancouver metro area enjoy is all the greenery. Since the Pacific Northwest gets plenty of rainfall there is no shortage of trees and varying plants everywhere you look. The downside to all this greenery is the upkeep when it comes to your yard space. Tall evergreens shed their needles and pine cones each year and can even loose branches during wind storms leaving homeowners with quite a mess. This yard debris can quickly overtake patio and deck areas which then need to be cleaned off. With all the rain, the build up of yard debris can also contribute to mildew growth and even weathering of patio materials if it’s not removed within a short period of time. A great solution to this is building a patio cover to protect it from the natural elements. 

Types Of Patio Covers

Wood Patio Covers – A wood patio cover offers a classic, attractive aesthetic that is easy to customize and because they are a renewable material they are also easy to update if style preferences change over time. The downside to this material is that it is susceptible to decay as rain exposes it to moisture. As a natural material, it is also prone to pest infestations like termites and unless it’s treated with flame-resistant chemicals, it’s possible for it to catch on fire if fire pits are used underneath. Wood patio covers do require more maintenance than other types of patio covers but can be done every few years to keep it looking like new. 

Free Standing Patio Covers – Free standing patio covers are a great option especially when you have an area away from the house that you want to be covered. They can be made of wood or aluminum and are built with four posts making them more secure than a patio cover that is attached to the side of a home. This also allows for greater airflow. If there are areas of your home or yard space that you need to be shaded, free standing patio covers are a great option. 

Gable Patio Roof – A gable patio roof is an A-frame shape where the roof is peaked and slopes down gently. It can be either attached or detached and provides a functional and aesthetic look. The peaked roof allows for efficient water drainage and provides better ventilation and cooling because of its peaked design. These patio covers are also great for accommodating larger recreational vehicles as well as making great entertainment spaces. 

Metal Patio Cover – Metal roofing for your patio is an inexpensive option that you can design to fit your space or even purchase as a kit if you are looking to save money. They can be integrated with wood materials and will keep your patio shaded as well as protected from varying types of weather. 

Aluminum Patio Cover – Aluminum patio covers are very easy to install and require very little maintenance. A good scrub is all it takes to keep these patio covers clean. They are also very durable against the elements and are one of the more cost efficient materials. They are not susceptible to pest infestations and are made from recycled materials making them eco-friendly. Though they have a lot of pros, the main con is that they do not usually appeal to buyers who are looking for an aesthetically pleasing appeal. 

Solid Roof Patio Covers – Solid roof patio covers offer full protection from the elements which may be a con as they keep out the sun’s rays. The benefit however is that they also keep rain and snow out providing a secure shelter from bad weather conditions. This full protection cover keeps the space cool, can increase the value of your home and is a great space to entertain. 

Lattice Patio Covers – Lattice patio covers are quite the opposite of solid materials since they allow exposure of the elements to come through. However, because of this, you can easily keep plants under its covering without fear of them not getting enough sun. The downside to open lattice is that they will not keep the rain and other harsh elements from coming through. 

Benefits Of Patio Covers

Understanding the different types of patio covers allows one to see the many pro’s and con’s when it comes to which patio cover you choose. No matter which type or style you opt for there are plenty of patio cover benefits for you to reap such as increasing your living space, having an outdoor space to relax and increasing the value of your home. 

You also have the benefits of protecting your patio space from tall trees that may surround the area; helping to keep debris from building up on your patio space. A covered patio will also protect patio furniture from rain and sun damage as well as provide a cool space during the summer and a comfortable warm space during the fall in the Vancouver and Portland area. With the many options available you can find the exact style to fit your home or yard space. 

With so many types, styles and benefits it is clear to see that patio covers are a good investment and something that homeowners will enjoy year round. If you are interested in a patio cover for your home or yard call Assured Exteriors to find out more information on what patio cover options are best suited for you. 

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