What Are The Window And Door Style Trends In The Northwest

What Are The Window And Door Style Trends In The Northwest

If you live in the Portland Oregon or Vancouver Washington area then you are very aware of how grey it is throughout much of the year. Natural lighting is essential to a home in the Pacific Northwest because it lifts up the mood even during the cloudiest of days. Bright, open spaces invite you and visitors into a space that everyone can enjoy.

Black Window Frames Are Staying Awhile

White window framing was the ‘go to’ for builders and buyers for decades but that has all changed in the last handful of years. Black window frames became everyones desired window element because they brought a ‘pop’ to the home within the interior and the exterior, especially where neutral colors were being used. Even with pops of color regaining trends within the interior of homes, black window frames are still being highly sought after. Design wise, when choosing black window frames, a buyer doesn’t have to worry about window treatments as the framing becomes the design piece. While white window frames are still common in many homes, black is certainly the top color of choice. 

Let The Light In!

With limited lighting in the Portland Oregon and Vancouver Washington area, homeowners want as much natural lighting as possible within their home. More windows can certainly do the trick but the trend in 2022 is floor to ceiling picture windows in areas of the home that get the most light, especially where outdoor viewing is best. These large windows bring in more natural light, allow for spectacular views and open up the interior living space. 

Doors That Make A Statement

Some people may think that a simple door in their home doesn’t make that much of a difference when it comes to making a statement but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The front door of a home is one of the first things people see when approaching your home and it so happens that it’s their first point of entry! Using the door as a statement piece to a home just makes sense. Whether you’re adding a pop of color or putting in a whole new piece it is sure to draw everyone’s attention and what seems to be getting everyone’s attention this year are full-height entry doors as well or doors coated in a lacquered black paired with neutral exterior tones. 

Whether you’re looking for new changes within your home or you’re in need of window or door replacements there are lots of details to think about and Assured Exteriors can help. 


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