Roof Replacement and Targeted Siding Repairs in Camas, WA


Larry B.’s roof had finally reached the end of its life after many, many years of wear and tear. Not only that, he also needed some minor siding repairs. There were two areas where the siding walls did not have sufficient clearance and had become rotten. He needed a solution fast, as it was the middle of January, a peak rainy season, so he started getting estimates from local contractors.


The contractor that stood out to Mr. B. was Assurant (Assured) Exteriors. The team there was able to offer him a quick solution at an excellent price. The crew quickly removed and replaced his old roof system with a brand new warrantied one. They also cleaned out his gutters and replaced the areas of rotten siding on his home at no additional charge. Mr. B. is very grateful and his exterior is as good as new.

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