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Guide To Finding The Right Exterior Paint Color

Paint colors go in and out of trend cycles. However, there is more to finding the right exterior paint color than just the color itself. 

What Makes The Best Exterior Paint

Having the exterior of your home painted is a big project and not one you will want to do over again anytime soon. Deciding on the best exterior paint is key to a successful project and years of satisfaction. 

So what makes the best exterior paint? First, choose a paint that will maintain its color and gloss for many years. A new paint job makes everything fresh and new. Even after withstanding the elements, your exterior paint should have a long-lasting appearance. Secondly, exterior paint should be able to adhere to surfaces when applied especially if the surface is old. It should also have a chalking resistance. This means that paint should be able to resist chalking for the life of the paint. Its also important that your exterior paint has flexibility. The materials of the home will change shape and size with temperature and moisture levels. This is particularly true of Vancouver Washington and the Portland Oregon area due to the high amount of rain they receive each year. The exterior paint of a home should be able to flex and compress with these things in mind. Lastly, exterior paint should be stain and fungal-resistant. It should not be susceptible to mold, mildew growth, or algae as well as hold up to dirt. 

What Factors To Consider When Choosing Your Paint

Choosing a paint color for the exterior of a home comes with a lot of thought behind it. In some residential areas there are codes for which exterior paint colors are allowed within the neighborhood and for some homeowners they simply want their home to fit in with the surrounding homes. Other factors to consider when choosing your paint are knowing how the wood or siding of you home will be prepared to accept the paint. For instance, if the exterior of a home is mostly wood and is in bad shape, this will need to be addressed before applying the paint. The same goes for homes with siding. Siding can build up with dirt over time so it will need to go though a cleaning process and then address any holes or cracks before the painting process can even begin. You’ll also want to think about how much UV light your home gets throughout the day. This can make a significant difference in the color you choose if your home has sun beating down on it a majority of the day since light over time can cause some colors to fade. 

There are many questions that one can have when considering which paint color to choose but don’t worry. Your painting professionals will be able to answer all of your questions at Assured Exterior Painting so you can feel confident in your color choice. 

How Is The Exterior Of A Home Prepped For Paint


Cleaning the exterior of your home is always the first step that needs to be taken before applying paint. Not only do you need to clean off built up dirt but any mildew that has started growing also needs to be cleaned off. During this process you may notice some old paint chipping which leads to the second step. 

Scrap And Smooth 

Any paint that has started to flake from the last paint job needs to be scraped off. You dont have to remove every inch of paint from the last paint job. Just the paint that is starting to peel. Once this is done you can fill any holes or surface flaws with a surface repair compound and then sand it all down to make it nice and smooth. 

Chalk And Putty

Once the main surface is sanded you can begin to chalk around doors and windows. If old putty is existent then you will need to remove it and apply it new. Always make sure this step is dry before painting. 

Prime Before Paint Color

Don’t forget to lay down dropcloths to protect areas around your home that you dont want to be covered in paint. Once these have been laid out the prime portion of the project can begin. All bare wood and repaired areas should be primed before painting. 

Once these steps have been completed your home is ready to be painted! Some homes will have a longer process with these steps due to the condition of the exterior but allow for the process to be completed as this will result in years of a beautiful exterior paint color that you can enjoy. 


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