New Roof on Patio Cover and Shed and New Gutters in Milwaukie, OR


Nick B. needed new roofing installed on both his patio cover and his shed. The wood sheeting underneath was showing signs of rot and was threatening to fail completely within the next few years. He needed a solution as soon as possible, so he reached out to Assurant (Assured) Exteriors. The team of professionals there were extremely happy to help Mr. B. out. They drew up a well-priced estimate for the work, which Mr. B. gladly accepted.


The crew arrived as scheduled to do the work armed with the materials and tools required. They tore off the old roofing and began with the first order of business: replacing the damaged sheeting underneath. After completing this, they installed approximately 6 squares of brand new roofing on the patio cover and the detached shed. To wrap up, a separate crew arrived to install new gutters along the perimeter of both the cover and the shed to ensure proper drainage. Mr. B. is relieved that the work is done, and he is completely satisfied with the quality. He can rest assured that his new roofing will protect what’s underneath for years to come.

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