Soffit Replacement in Vancouver, WA


Ms. F.’s roof was in need of some minor repairs. There were several areas on her soffit that had become rotted and she wanted it replaced before the damage became worse. She found and reached out to Assurant (Assured) Exteriors. The team there was more than happy to help. They quickly drew up a bid for the work, which Ms. F. found to be both affordable and concise. After reviewing it with the team, she agreed to contract Assurant (Assured) for the work.


The crew showed up promptly with the required materials for the job. They tore off and replaced several areas of soffit on the roof. Additionally, while replacing the soffit, they installed several new areas of sheeting where the rot had gone further down that the surface. Ms. F. is very happy with the results of the labor, and she is positive that she made the right call choosing Assurant (Assured).

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