Why 2022 Is The Best Time To Fix Or Replace Your Portland/Vancouver Roof

Are you thinking about having your roof replaced but are unsure if now is the time? Are you in the process of remodeling and/or getting ready to sell your home? Maybe you simply can’t get onto your roof but know that it’s past due of any needed repairs. Whatever the case may be, ensuring that your roof is in sound shape is vital in protecting other factors inside your home so if there’s ever a good time to fix or replace your Portland/Vancouver roof, the time is now in 2022. 

Are You Concerned About Weather Damage To Your Roof?

Living in the PNW we get more than our fair share of rain. Tack on the windstorms that come along anywhere from late fall through early spring and you have a recipe for potential roof damage. Windstorms can damage even the best of roofs if they are relentless enough. Adding in the rain factor only equates to more problems if the water gets underneath the protective barrier of your roofing system. 

Winds at high speeds are known to uplift shingles especially around weak points in your roof. If more than a few roofing shingles fall off or are left damaged a roof can become vulnerable and in need of repair or possible replacement in extreme situations. Even moss growth after a rainy season can affect the vulnerability of your roof if left untreated. Assessing your roof after storms is one preventive measure you can take to keep minor problems from weather damage from turning into major ones. If you do notice that damage has been done to your Portland/Vancouver roof, call your local roofing specialist to come and address any roofing issues. 

How Your Roofing System Could Save You Money

When it comes to your roof, energy efficiency is dependent on the type of roofing system you have installed. An energy efficient roofing system is considered one that reduces the energy consumption of the structure beneath. For instance, a metal roofing system has the ability to reflect some of the solar energy from the sun reducing heat that would otherwise be absorbed into your home. The more heat that is absorbed into the structure of your home or building will cause the cooling unit to work harder in order to get rid of any heat increasing the cost per month on your cooling bill. Energy efficient roofing systems have the ability to save you up to 30% in cooling costs each month which is quite a bit of savings to consider. 

One type of roofing system that could save you money is asphalt shingle roofing systems. This type of roofing system is an affordable, energy efficient option that many homeowners in the PNW use. Reflective granules within the asphalt roofing material as well as a special coating applied to the material will help to ensure the greatest energy efficiency. 

Does A New Roof Matter When Selling Your Home

A new roof is the number one thing buyers look for when it comes to the exterior of the home they are looking to purchase and it also ranks as first on the list to add resale value according to a remodeling impact survey put out in 2019 by the National Association Of The Remodeling Industry. This particular survey offers a broad perspective and valuable insight gathered from professionals in the remodeling and realtor industry. With elevated prices, low inventory and fast turnarounds, doing everything you can to add appeal and resale value to your home could just make or break a buyer’s interest. 

If you suspect that you have any damage to your roofing system you should call your local roofing specialist for an inspection to assess possible damages. 

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