Targeted Re-Side with Minor Repairs in La Center, WA


Sandra J. had some areas of damaged siding on the East and South walls of her home and a damaged area of skirting on her North wall. She decided it was time to replace the damaged material, but she needed a contractor to do the work. She stumbled upon Assurant (Assured) Exteriors, a well-respected local contractor, and she reached out.


The team at Assurant (Assured) Exteriors was able to offer Ms. J. an affordable and well-crafted plan of action. The crew tore off and replaced a total of 384 square feet of LP T-1-11 siding on the South and West walls, replacing any trimming as needed. They also replaced the damaged skirt on the North wall. Finally, they caulked all of the windows and corners in the affected areas. Ms. J. is completely satisfied with the work and very grateful to Assurant (Assured) for their hard work.

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