Targeted Re-Side with Full Paint, New Windows, and New Trim in Vancouver, WA


The East and West walls on Ed. W.’s home were showing a heavy amount of wear and tear, including mold and severe rotting. He needed that siding replaced and his home treated with mold/mildew/rot inhibitor. Additionally, he decided he wanted a handful of new windows installed as well. He heard about and reached out to Assurant (Assured) Exteriors online and was quickly scheduled for an appointment with a representative. They offered Mr. W. a well-thought-out and cost effective estimate for the work, which he agreed to.


Assurant’s (Assured’s) crew made speedy work of removing and replacing the damaged siding, also spraying the areas with mold/mildew/rot inhibitor to prevent damage in the future. New trim was also installed in a few areas, along with several new windows. Finally, the entire home was given a fresh coat of paint. Mr. W. hardly recognized his old tattered exterior after Assurant (Assured) was done with it. His home looks as good as new, and he can rest assured it will stay that way for years to come.

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