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Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Home Windows

There are a few reasons homeowners start thinking about replacing the windows in their homes. If a home is older, some may want to get rid of the old and replace everything with new. Others may want to replace their old windows to bring in more natural light and open up the spaces in their homes while some homeowners simply need to replace their windows because they are causing problems that are turning to be costly. Whatever the reason, replacing windows should be done with some thought behind the why. 

Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

Some signs that it’s time to replace your windows are easier to tell than others. Cracked windows or window frames are telltale signs that your windows need to be replaced but other signs can be easily overlooked. Hard to clean windows, windows with chipped or peeling paint around the frame, excessive outside noise, and damage to seal or caulking can all be perceived as normal wear and tear in a home but each of these signs is an indicator that your windows need to be replaced before you start having issues with water damage or high heating and cooling bills. Other signs include difficulty in opening and closing windows, condensation on glass panes, and drafts coming from around the windows.  

Benefits Of Having New Windows

Having new windows plays an important and necessary role in your home. Not only do they bring in natural lighting and allow spaces for picturesque viewpoints, but they also increase energy efficiency by eliminating drafts. This allows for your heating and cooling systems to work more efficiently saving you money. Keeping your home at consistent temperatures reduces your bill and improves the level of comfort in your home. 

It’s also worth considering that having new windows provides an added level of security and safety in your home. Older windows can be easy to break into if they do not fit properly or can be easily forced open placing you and your loved ones at risk. If your windows are noticeably loose or cracked you will want to look into replacing them as soon as possible. New windows also help reduce dust, allergens, noise, and insects from getting inside your home. Those with allergies will notice a drastic difference in the air quality of their home when new windows are installed. 

The Importance Of Proper Installation

One of the most common reasons homeowners replace their windows is because they lose proper sealing. Once window seals have been compromised your home’s energy efficiency will decrease leading to higher energy bills making it important to install windows correctly.  Windows that have lost proper sealing can also lead to water getting into the home damaging the area around your window. Properly installed windows prevent water damage from becoming a problem. 

If you are looking to replace your windows in the Portland/Vancouver area for any reason, seeking a licensed window contractor like Assured Exteriors will provide you with the best options and the most trusted experience. 


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