Roof Replacement with New Sheeting in Vancouver, WA


Kathleen C.’s roof had been left to rot for several years before she realized it needed to be replaced. By this time, much of the sheeting underneath was damaged. She needed a new roof system with new sheeting before more damage was sustained, so she reached out to a few companies, including Assurant (Assured) Exteriors. After looking over the offers, she concluded that Assurant (Assured) offered her the best estimate, so she contracted them to do the work.


The roofing crew got to work quickly after ordering the necessary materials. They tore off all of the old 4,400 square foot roof system and replaced it with a brand new warrantied CertainTeed roof system. But before they did this, they also replaced all of the old 3/8″ CDX sheeting with brand new sheeting, nailed to the frame. Ms. C.’s new roof system looks great and she can rest assured it will protect her home for years to come.

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