Roof Replacement and new Skylights in Woodland, Wa


Steven S. purchased a new home but was having leakage problems with his 4,300 square foot roof system. It was determined that the roof system had reached the end of its life in addition to the old skylights in said roof. The seals had broken and there was water coming through in multiple locations. Mr. S. was having trouble finding a contractor who could fit him into their schedule, until he stumbled upon Assurant (Assured) Exteriors.


The crew at Assurant (Assured) Exteriors was able to squeeze Mr. S.’s project into their schedule within a week. They replaced the entire roof system with a new warrantied one and the skylights along with it. Along the way, the crew also replaced several pieces of damaged sheeting that had been exposed to the elements after the roofing failure. The team at Assurant (Assured) did a fantastic job and built a great relationship with another client for life.

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