Roof Replacement in Vancouver, WA

Project Description

Assurant (Assured) Exteriors was called out to a roof in Vancouver that was badly damaged due to years of exposure to the weather. As a result, the roof had become quite overrun with moss. Assurant’s (Assured’s) crew leapt into action completely tearing off the old roof and installing a brand new one.

Before Roof Installation

It was badly damaged

Before Roof Installment and Roof Cleaning

This roof was in desperate need of a shingle roof replacement. Assured Exteriors installed a new roof using their cost-effective methods.

Before Roof Repair

The damage made it unattractive and unsafe. Assured Exteriors was happy to help replace the home’s roof using their cost-effective methods.

Damaged Roof Repair in Vancouver, WA

Our team needed to replace the roof because of the damaged shingles.

After Roof Replacement

Our team of experts transformed this house with a new roof using cost-effective methods!

After Roof Installation

Now the home looks brand new with the cost-effective roof installed by Assured Exteriors.

After Roof Repair

The homeowners now have a house they can be proud of due to the cost-effective methods of Assured Exteriors.

New Roof Installation

Assured Exterior installed a new roof because of damage and wear and tear.