Roof Replacement in Battle Ground, WA

Project Description

Assurant (Assured) Exteriors was called out to a roof which had began to show the signs of natural wear and tear. The owners wanted to prevent future damage so they had the crew completely replace their roof system pre-emptively. The roof looks great and will last its owners a life-time.

Before Roof Repair

This roof needed to be replaced. Never a job too big for Assured Exteriors! Using their cost-effective methods, the company was able to successfully replace the roof that will last a lifetime.

Roof Before Replacement in Battle Ground, WA

It was badly damaged and needed repair so Assured Exteriors was there to help! The company replaced the roof using their cost-effective methods!

Badly Damaged Roof

This roof was unattractive and unsafe.

Roof Before Installation in Battle Ground, WA

The homeowners knew it was time to replace their roof. Therefore, they contacted their trusted roof replacement company, Assured Exteriors.

Roof in Need of Repair

This roof needed to be repaired. Therefore, the homeowners decided to contact their local, trusted roof repair company, Assured Exteriors!

Roof Repair Contractor After Photo

After our team of experts repaired the roof, the homeowners can be proud of their house. Assured Exteriors used their cost-effective methods to successfully repair the roof.

After Roof Replacement in Battle Ground, WA

Thanks to our team, the house looks brand new. Assured Exteriors used cost-effective procedures to successfully replace the roof.

After Roof Installment

The house was completely transformed by the new roof

Roof Replacement in Battle Ground, WA

Expert Roof Replacement near you!

Roof Replacement Contractor Installs Roof

The extensive damage needed to be fixed and with cost-effective methods, Assured Exteriors is the best way to go!