New CertainTeed Presidential Roof System in Happy Valley, OR


Mr. and Mrs. K. decided it was high time they got a new roof installed on their home,  and they wanted the best. They heard about Assurant (Assured) Exteriors through the company’s reputation for excellent roof installs and they decided to reach out. Assurant’s (Assured’s) team of professionals knew exactly how to suit the couple’s needs. After seeing the bid that Assurant (Assured) drew up for them, the couple was happy to contract them for the labor.


Assurant’s (Assured’s) crew got to work immediately tearing off the old roof system down to the sheeting. They replaced any damaged sheets they found and then installed a brand new premium underlay system. They then installed approximately 48 squares of CertainTeed Presidential warrantied shingles. CertainTeed provides a lifetime warranty on said high-quality shingles. Mr. and Mrs. K. are more than satisfied with the results of the work and they are very grateful for all of Assurant (Assured) Exterior’s hard work.

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