Miscellaneous Home, Deck, and Gutter Repairs in Vancouver, WA


Andy S. had a long list of home improvements he wanted to have completed as soon as possible. Among the biggest of these, he wanted to completely restore his old, worn out deck. Besides that, though, he also needed some minor siding repair, painting, gutter replacement, and interior repairs. He needed to find a contractor to do the work, so he started putting out inquiries. One of the companies that stood out was Assurant (Assured) Exteriors, not only for their fast service, but also because of their fantastic prices.


After Mr. S. accepted Assurant’s (Assured’s) estimate and materials were ordered, the crew got to work immediately. They began by completing the deck and siding repairs by removing the old decking and replacing it, along with the old handrail while keeping the deck framing intact. Repairing the siding simply entailed some pin nailing and re-painting in targeted locations. Next the crew installed brand new gutters to replace the old leaky ones. Finally, they completed several minor interior repairs and called it good. Mr. S. is completely satisfied with the work and is grateful for everything Assurant (Assured) Exteriors did for him.

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