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Guide To Replacing Your Homes Door In The Pacific NW

Are you noticing a draft coming in through your doorway? Are you experiencing more insects coming through gaps in your entrance? Maybe your home is older and the glass siding door no longer seems to be doing its job of keeping in the heat or is simply not sliding along the tracks as it used to. Whatever the case, when it comes to homes in the Pacific NW, sometimes doors need to be replaced. At Assured Exteriors, we have everything you need to find the right type of replacement door that suits your needs. 

The Benefits Of Replacing Your Door

Energy Efficiency– A door that is no longer properly sealed will end up allowing heat or cool air to escape or let warm/cool air inside. Drafty doors can lead to an increase in your energy bill and have you feeling uncomfortable with the temperatures in your home. Replacing your door and having it properly installed so that it is sealed will allow your home to be more energy efficient. 

Functionality– Not only will warm/cold air not be bearing a load on your heating/cooling system but a door that is no longer warped, sticking, uneven or difficult to open or close will allow you to open and shut your door with ease.

Increase Home Value– The front of your home is your first impression. When selling your home you want the curb appeal to attract buyers and this includes your entryway. By replacing old doors or outdated doors in your home you can increase its value when it’s time to sell. This includes interior doors that may be outdated as well as doors that lead to the backyard.  

Types Of Doors To Choose From

When it comes to different types of doors there are plenty to choose from for every area of your home. 

Vinyl Doors– Today, vinyl doors are made from a resin polyvinyl chloride and have become far more appealing due to advancements in quality, durability and aesthetics. This type of door is the most cost-effective choice for entry doors and they require very little maintenance, 

Aluminum Doors- Aluminum doors are a great choice for exterior doors as they are low in cost. They also appeal to those who want environmentally conscious options. Since aluminum requires very little energy to recycle it is considered environmentally friendly. These metal doors retain their strength amidst cold weather but are known to weaken when enduring higher temps. That being said, they are naturally resistant to corrosion. 

Fiberglass Doors– Fiberglass is a composite material that is resistant to fading, chipping or cracking. This type of door does require being repainted or restrained on a regular basis but has the benefit of being extremely durable, outlasting even steel doors. Fiberglass doors are also designed to be energy efficient since you can customize the doors with more or less insulation. You can also customize the shape and finish of these doors with ease. 

Solid Wood Doors– Every element of a solid wood door is exactly what it says aside from the hardware being used. Solid wood doors can be used as exterior doors or interior doors and are composed of several smaller pieces of wood versus a solid slab which is referred to as a frame-and-panel construction. Exterior solid wood doors provide durability, and security and can block out sound if hardwoods are used in its construction. 

Steel Doors– Steel doors are also not made of solid steel but rather a polyurethane or polystyrene core coated with a thin skin of steel material. Most of the time you will see these types of doors in commercial settings but their economic features have attracted residential consumers. These doors are great conductors of heat and cold with the core material acting as a thermal barrier and largely used as interior doors that lead to the exterior. 

Sliding Doors– Sliding doors operate as one unit where one door opens horizontally by sliding over the other panel horizontally. They can be mounted on tracks or suspended from a trace above. Other names for sliding doors are pocket doors, sliding glass doors, center-opening doors and bypass doors. These types of doors are great for access to your backyard/patio area and serve as another view into your backyard space. They allow more light to enter your home and make it easy for traffic to flow. 

French Doors– These types of doors typically have one pair of doors made with glass panes that extend most of their length. French style doors allow more light to come into your living space while adding to the aesthetic of both your indoor and outdoor living area. French doors are commonly known to create a visual impact in your home as well as offer functionality. Because of this, they are known to increase the value of your home. 

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What To Expect With A New Door Installation

At  Assured Exteriors, we will help you find the right door to fit your home and that includes all the finishing touches. The opening size of your door frame is what helps us to determine the specific door styles that can be installed. When it comes to entry, patio and garage doors we understand the importance of ensuring your security on top of functionality with a look you love. This is why we will go over all the options and details with you so you know what to expect with your new door installation. 

Finding the right style is just the beginning of our process. We will also help you find the finishing touches so that when everything’s done your door is complete. Unique knobs and handles along with the right color allow you to design your door just the way you want it. You can also add decorative or privacy glass, transom windows and sidelights to highlight the appeal of your door. From start to finish, our team at Assured Exteriors will be there with you to choose the perfect products and provide you with hassle-free installation for many years of trouble-free operation that you can enjoy. 

If you are looking to replace a door in your home in the Pacific NW area or are remodeling a home that is need of new doors, give Assured Exteriors a call today to help you find the doors that will work right for you! 


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