Full Re-Siding with New Window Trimming and Paint in Portland, OR


Mr. and Mrs. F.’s old siding was fairly worn out and faded after years of use. They decided it was high time they got a full re-side and a new paint job with a new color. They got a few estimates from different contractors in the area but the one that stood out was Assurant (Assured) Exteriors. The team at Assurant (Assured) was more than happy to offer the couple an excellent work plan at an affordable price.


After Mr. and Mrs. F. accepted the offer, Assurant (Assured) mobilized their crew immediately. They got to work removing the old siding on the home and replacing approximately 24 squares of siding with Hardie 7″ reveal fiber cement lap siding. Along with the siding, they also installed more than 45 linear feet of window trimming using Hardie fiber cement trim boards. Finally, the new siding and trimming was all painted. The couple loves their new exterior and they owe it all to the hard work of Assurant (Assured) Exteriors.

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