Full Re-Side with Paint on Multi-Layered Home in Wilsonville, OR


Ms. D. had an exterior that had seen much better days and she wanted to get her siding replaced as soon as possible. There were multiple areas where rot was apparent and as such, she concluded that the entire exterior of siding, minus that on the chimney, needed to be replaced. She reached out to Assurant (Assured) Exteriors and promptly received a reply. They worked out an affordable and efficient bid for the work, which she gladly accepted.


The crew arrived and quickly removed and disposed of the old, damaged siding. They then installed a total of 14 squares of Hardie cedarmill lap siding. Of this, 6.5 squares was 5″ reveal and 7.5 squares was 7″ reveal. The crew also installed a new belly band on the deck side of the home and then painted the entire exterior. Ms. D. is very happy with the work and she can rest assured that her new siding will last her many years to come.

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