Full Re-Side with New Windows and Trim, Gutters, and Paint


David J. reached out to Assurant (Assured) Exteriors with an extensive project in mind. He needed new siding with paint, new gutters, and 12 new windows installed on the exterior of his home. The team sat down with him and hashed out a bid for the work that balanced Mr. J.’s price-range with the quality Assurant (Assured) is known for. By the end of their in-home meeting Mr. J. was ready to sign the contract for the work.


The crew arrived on schedule with the materials and the man-power necessary to do the work. They began by removing and replacing 12 windows on the home. After this, the siding crew arrived to remove the old lap siding and install 13.5 squares of brand new Hardie 7″ reveal lap siding. The siding crew also installed new trimming around the 12 new windows and an additional 3 windows. After this was done and gutters were installed, the job was finished up with paint. Mr. J.’s exterior looks great and the quality of the work is excellent. He can rest assured that it will last him a lifetime.

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