easy christmas decoration ideas

Creative And Easy Ideas For Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Now that December is here it’s time to put up those lights but sometimes it can feel like a chore to get all those lights up and create the look you are going for. You may not know what to do with the lights or maybe it’s just that you are bored with previous years. Whatever the case, we were inspired by an article in Forbes for creative and easy ideas that may be just up your alley this holiday season for outdoor Christmas decorations

Clark Griswold Gone Modern

It’s a lot of work to hang lights as Clark Griswold did all those years ago and we understand why he had such a hard time lighting them but now with LED projection lights, you can get the same effect without all the labor. Investing in various LED light projectors and trying different settings will not only allow you to cover your home in lights but may just be the talk of the neighborhood as Clark Griswold had always intended. Amazon has a big selection of LED holiday projection lights

Everything Outlined

If covering your home with nothing but lights seems like overkill then another option may just be outlining every edge and surrounding piece of your home in lights. This not only gives the effect of a lot of lights but with more of a perfectionist’s touch. Keeping the lights aligned as straight as possible adds to the elegance of this look. 

Front Yard Appeal

If your home has an entryway or fencing that serves as the first visual of your home then decorating these areas can create quite the appeal. You can use lights along with other decorative elements such as garland, bows, and even large ornaments to create a look that best suits your style. Another great example would be a Christmas light tunnel over the walkway or driveway. 

Christmas light tunnel

An Entertainment Space To Remember

Are you hosting a special event during the holidays? Many homeowners are using their outdoor living spaces during the holiday season now that outdoor heaters have become so functional. Hanging lights to cover an overhanging porch area is a great way to achieve a winter wonderland experience while serving your guests. 

Winter Wonderland Without The Work

Creating a winter wonderland is much easier these days as pre-lit decor has become popular over the years. On top of prelit trees, nativity sets, snowmen, and reindeer there is also lighted netting like this one listed on Amazon that allows you to cover large bushes and trees just by covering them. Building a theme with these easy-to-put-up decorations will surely achieve the winter wonderland scene you are hoping for.

Once you get your lights up and around your home you will be glad that you did. We believe that adding lights during the holiday season is part of what makes this time so special and we definitely know that we love viewing them. 

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